The Unexpected Visitors

Based on a true story.

Once upon a time, there lived a young bear with his mother and siblings. Because bears aren’t usually very tidy, their forest cave was very messy, there were things everywhere, so much clutter! So the little bear decided he’d had enough!

One day, the young bear decided that he would leave home and go in search of a place that would have enough space for him and his things.

He searched all over the forest, but to no avail. He still couldn’t find a place for him and his stuff.

Then he happened upon a human dwelling, he noticed that these humans had many houses, in all shapes and sizes, in a large range of colors. "How strange," thought the bear. But as he watched the strange humans, he noticed that they did not use the houses (for how could they use all those?) but instead, they sold them.

The bear grew sad, for he realized, he had no money! Disappointed, he began to leave when he heard his mother’s voice calling him. He ran to his mother, who explained that she had been looking all over for him.

“What were you doing?” Asked Momma Bear. The little bear explained that he had been looking at the little houses the humans were selling, but that he had no money.

“But look!” Said his younger sister “They have rent to own and financing!”

“Oh, that’s right!” Replied her mother. “Let’s go ask them about it!”

So their mother headed toward the store to ask the humans about their many different payment options. But as she approached the man in charge, he ran the other way!

“Well that was strange”

“Mother, we’re bears!”

“Oh, right! That makes sense.”

“Mother,” Said the young cub “Perhaps we don’t need more space, I mean, we are bears. It would be quite different if we were humans, but we live in the woods!”

“Yes I guess that’s true” His mother sighed “But maybe we could come back and try another day? I really liked that cabin they had on their lot.”

“That sounds great! Well, let’s go home. I’ve had enough adventures for today.”

And so the bear family journeyed back into the woods, toward their forest cave.

The End

Considering our store is located in East Stroudsburg PA, we get quite a few unusual customers and visitors at our shop. We have people from all over the east coast stop by. But none are quite so unusual as the mother and children that stopped by our shop this week!

On Monday, one of our workers noticed a small bear cub out behind some of our sheds. After a little while, it went away so we didn’t think much of it.

Then the momma bear showed up looking for her cub.

Steve Stoltzfus (R&G Sheds owner and founder) was coming around the side of the building when a stranger from the road alerted him that there was a bear! Now, it's common knowledge that messing with bears is not a good idea, but if a mother feels like you are treatining her cubs, she can be very unpredictable and dangerous.

So thanks to the passing stranger, Steve was able to run back into the shop and avoid what could have been a very nasty situation.

In the end, the mother was united with her cub and they left without causing any harm.


- Marilyn Stoltzfus, 

Public Relations Manager, Age 15

Daughter of R&G Services founder and owner.