Swings Sets

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Thank you for choosing a play set from R&G Services!

We believe this playset will bring your child years of enjoyment. In today's fast-paced world of television and video games, this playset will allow your children to escape into a world of their own imagination.

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Vinyl Playsets

Will vinyl fade, due to sun? No, it has a long lasting UV protection to keep the original color for many years.

How do we clean our vinyl playset? Very Easy! Use a soft brisled brush and soap.

Will vinyl chip or get a rough surface? Only if it is damaged with a sharp or heavy object (Exampe: A hammer or sharp knife).

Unfinished Wood Playsets

Our wooden swingsets are built with pressure treated, yellow pine lumber. It is treated to withstand harsh weather elements, along with being attractive, clean, and oderless. Our lumber is environmentaly safe, and more importantly safe for your children. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against decay and insect damage.

Is pressure treated lumber safe for my children? Yes, pressure treated lumber is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty in residential applications, and is safe for your children.

Can this lumber be painted or stained? Yes, as long as the wood is completely dry, you can stain or paint your playset.

Stained Wood Playsets

Our stained sets are built of pressure treated yellow pine lumber, covered with a high quality, penetrating oil based stain. This attractive stain will keep your playset beautiful for years to come.

Painted Wood Playsets

Our painted sets are built of pressure treated yellow pine lumber, covered with a high quality water based paint. We have 13 different paint colors to choose from. Only playhouses and playdecks are available with paint. No components that touch the ground will be painted. (Example: A-frames, monkey bars, and sand boxes are cedar stained)


R&G Services playsets have lots of great features and benefits:

  • Hardware is plated to resist rusting.

  • Glider brackets, bridge rails, and fireman's poles are powder-coated for long-lasting protection.

  • Nuts and bolts are recessed to avoid cuts and scrapes.

  • Construction is of non-toxic wood that cannot harm children.

  • Corners are sanded smooth to avoid skin tears and cuts.

  • Braided rope is used on swings to prevent pinching fingers.

  • Gliders and swings have nylon bushings for longer wear and less squeaking noise.

  • Slides are plastic and will not get hot in the sun.
  • Rubber sling-seats are used on swings to avoid splinters or hard knocks to the head or body.
  • Playsets are tip-proof. An unlimited number of children can play on them and the unit will not tip over.
  • Gliders are designed without a scissors motion, therefore no arms or legs can get caught while in motion.

Our Secret Recipe for Cleaning Swing Sets:

  • A Power Washer used every spring will remove much of the build up.
  • A cleaning solution that's a mixture of 1 cap full of bleach to 3 gallons of water should remove any germs that may have built up. Just be mindful that this bleach run off will soak into your ground and could cause some grass discoloration temporarily.