Building On-Site

It’s not always easy to put a shed in your yard. There are lots of things that can get in the way of a large trailer with a shed on top, like trees, fences, pools, power lines and/or other things that aren’t exactly practical to move and impossible to move around. That’s why sometimes we build our sheds on site.

Most times when building our sheds, we build them at our warehouse in Lancaster Pa, then ship them up to where the customer needs it, and back it right into their yard with a truck and trailer. This works most of the time, but sometimes it can be hard to squeeze a trailer with a shed into a small space.

When we built our sheds on-site, we bring in the pieces of the shed and assemble it in your yard without the hassle of worrying about knocking things down or damaging the shed in the process. It doesn’t take too much time either, usually only taking a few hours, depending on the shed.

Building your shed on-site means nothing can stand in the way of you getting the space you want and need.

Want to know if your shed needs to be built on-site? We can come down and inspect your site, free-of-charge! Visit the contact us page to schedule an appointment today



- Marilyn Stoltzfus,          

Daughter of R&G Services founder and owner.