Autumn In The Poconos

If you've even been in the Poconos in the fall you know how pretty it gets, it’s so beautiful! The leaves are turning colors and starting to fall, the temperature changes as people say their last goodbyes to summer. Many people dislike fall, but I love it! The crisp breeze, all the color, a nice cup of tea, a good book and a warm blanket by the fire, these are some of my favorite things about fall.

Our house is built into a hill and is surrounded by lots of trees, so we made a few trails in the woods behind our house, it’s so nice to just walk around and see all the plants and wildlife that live back there. This morning I counted 3 squirrels, 1 deer, and a few bugs! But I don’t mind it that much, the view made it worth it. Our house is on a pretty busy road, but when we go in our back yard it’s like a different world. It is actually quite beautiful and peaceful. I love being able to wake up to such a lovely array of colors outside my window every day.

The only downside of fall is that you know winter is going to come soon, and here in the Poconos it can get really cold! But if you can survive the winter the rest of the year is beautiful! During the spring there is so many flowers and trees starting to bud, during the summer it doesn’t get too hot around here but still warm enough to go swimming and do other outdoor activities, and during the fall it is so lovely with all the trees around that change into beautiful mixtures of yellow, red, purple and orange colors. But even the winter can sometimes be breathtaking, like when all the trees get covered in ice day and they appear to sparkle in the sunlight!

If you haven’t been to Poconos already you should definitely come on up! And don’t forget to stop by our shop while you’re up here!


- Marilyn Stoltzfus,          

Daughter of R&G Services founder and owner.