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The Unexpected Visitors

Once upon a time, there lived a young bear with his mother and siblings. Because bears aren’t usually very tidy, their forest cave was very messy, there were things everywhere, so much clutter! So the little bear decided he’d had enough!

One day, the young bear decided that he would leave home and go in search of a place that would have enough space for him and his things....

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Building On-Site

It’s not always easy to put a shed in your yard. There are lots of things that can get in the way of a large trailer with a shed on top, like trees, fences, pools, power lines and/or other things that aren’t exactly practical to move and impossible to move around. That’s why sometimes we build our sheds on site.

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Commonly Asked Question About The Amish

Many people visit Lancaster County every year to see the Amish, but they still have many questions about the Amish way of life. Here are some answers to commonly asked question about the Amish...........

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Autumn in the Poconos

If you've even been in the Poconos in the fall you know how pretty it gets, it’s so beautiful! The leaves are turning colors and starting to fall, the temperature changes as people say their last goodbyes to summer. Many people dislike fall, but I love it! The crisp breeze, all the color, a nice cup of tea, a good book and a warm blanket by the fire, these are some of my favorite things about fall.

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Pictures From The Rodeo.


If you didn’t see the PRCA Rodeo/Chili Cook-Off at Shawnee last weekend, you really missed out on an awesome event!

First off, the chili cook-off was delicious! They had many different recipes and chiefs that entered, some were mild and sweet, whereas others were really spicy, one sample literally sent our manager running for a drink! They also had a great variety of vendors, with things like cowboy-hats/boots, jewelry, and sheds (of course!). Plus they had so great food and drink vendors too, the funnel cake was delicious!

At 2:00 PM the rodeo started, our vendor booth was very close to the area where they set up, so we had a pretty good view, and it was great! It was so awesome to see all the cowboys and cowgirls who came out to compete. There several different competitions thought the show, including saddle & bareback bronc riding, barrel racing, bull riding, calf roping, team roping and bull dogging. We came both days and even brought the whole family on Sunday, everyone had a great time and we hope to be a part of this event next year!

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Rodeo & Chili Cook-Off!

Come check us out at the PRCA Rodeo & Chili Cook-Off, September 20th and 21st from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Rodeo starts at 2:00 PM). Come out for good food, fun and discounts! Hope to see you there!

Rodeo & Chili Cook Off at Shawnee

Being Amish in the Modern World

Being Amish in the Modern World

One of the things Amish culture stresses most is being apart from the world, it’s because of this that they were plain clothing, have no electric, and drive buggys (horse-drawn carriages) instead of cars, but how can the very old fashioned Amish survive in a modern world? Here’s how.....

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The Life of The Amish; Reflecting Their Beliefs In Clothes.


Amish believe that life should be lived without selfishness, so naturally they try to reject things such as vanity and spending too much time on how they look, this is why they dress so plainly. Amish clothing usually varies on the area and church standards, but are all very simple and modest...........

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A Brief History of the Amish of Lancaster County

Almost anyone who lives along the east coast has of heard of the famed Amish, people who lead extremely simple lives without media, cars, fancy clothes, jewelry or electric. To many people its seem strange and weird, but to the Amish people living in these communities it is a simple way of living without most of the world’s distractions........

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