Our Brief History

"First, I would like to thank you for taking an interest in our company. We are a family business located in East Stroudsburg, PA, but we offer delivery to nearly every location in the USA."

"Our family was a part of the Old Order Amish Community of Lancaster County, PA. We are determined to incorporate our heritage into our company. Therefore, all of our sheds and barns are built by the Amish. We also are determined to give our best to our customers." - Steve Stoltzfus

 Owner Steven Stoltzfus & his beautiful wife Naomi

Owner Steven Stoltzfus & his beautiful wife Naomi

Our Family

In an effort to stick with his belief that family is to be valued and involved in everyday life, Steve (left) asked his son, Steven Jr. (back right), to help him in his endeavors. Steven Jr. decided to team up with his father in order to provide other families with a variety of storage options. Steve's youngest son, Michael (center), hopes to someday join the team as well.

"In July of 2014, we brought in Rachel Stoltzfus (daughter) because we needed someone to run day to day operations and handle outside sales. In Sept. 2014, we brought in Hannah Stoltzfus (daughter) to help with sales and advertising. And Marilyn Stoltzfus (daughter) takes care of our website and blog. My wife Naomi is the one who makes sure we stay alive everyday by making sure we eat; without her, we would not be around anymore. Nonetheless, we owe this entire business to God, who made it all possible, and continues to pour out His favor on us everyday." - Steve Stoltzfus

"We have a big family with 8 kids. Therefore, I knows what it feels like to have a lot of precious things, but to have no place to store those things. I became tired of running to a storage unit all the time. So, I began looking for a means of storing the family's huge collection of stuff.  I wanted something that was closer to home and cheaper than the storage unit(s) I was paying for. Thankfully, I found a better way and wanted to share it with other families that I knew were struggling with the same issue." - Steve Stoltzfus